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When Regular Pet Shops Don’t Cut It, Search for Pet Supplies in Folsom CA at Specialty Locations

Leash and food for a dog, litter box and food for a cat. That’s all one might think they need for a pet at the beginning. It’s an incomplete list, however. Anyone who has a beloved pet will note the absence of treats, toys, nail clippers, clothes for thin-coated dogs, harnesses for cats that go outside, crates, carriers, beds, treat dispensers, and a hundred other accessories and must-haves. And that’s only dogs and cats–when one adds horses or other animals to the equation, the list of supplies gets exponentially longer.

Most of us love our pets dearly and want to provide them the means for happy, healthy lives. Much of that is encompassed by the playing, petting, exercising, and snuggling that happens at home. Some of it, though, requires outside sources. The vet, for one. A good source for pet supplies in Folsom CA for another. There’s usually a Petsmart nearby, sure. But Petsmart may not necessarily carry a wide variety of supplies for a wide variety of animals, or carry as many premium brands. A run-of-the-mill pet store can’t do much for a rancher who needs hay, straw, saddles, veterinary supplies for large animals and other things necessary for herding cattle and maintaining horses. Regular pet stores do not generally carry live baby chicks! For these kinds of Pet supplies in Folsom CA, one will need to seek out a specialty store.

While one might worry about paying more at such a store, the advantages largely outweigh such concerns. For one thing, a specialty pet supply store will have the variety one needs, so no shipping fees. For another, the employees are more likely to be familiar with ranching as well as more typical pet issues, and will be better able to help answer questions and address problems. Having trouble figuring out how to keep chickens from bothering a neighbor? Someone at a store like this can help with that. Dog behavior problem? Somebody probably has advice for that, too. Certain stores, like Lees Feed And Western Store, even supply practical, Western-style clothes for animal owners–including hard-wearing brands like Carhartt and Wrangler–which is to say that specialty stores like this understand the needs of ranchers and pet owners alike, and can provide for both.

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