When Prospective Dog Owners Shop at a Carpet Store in Chicago

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Home Improvement

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The carpeting throughout the house they just bought has seen better days, so they want to go to a carpet store in Chicago and order new materials. First, though, they want to figure out what type of carpeting is best for dog owners. They don’t have a dog yet, but now that they finally were able to buy a house, getting a canine companion to love is a top priority.

Advantages of Nylon

Many products from a carpet store in Chicago consist of nylon fibers. These carpets are popular for owners of numerous types of buildings because they are affordable and last a long time. They are durable and resistant to stains. Those features make them appealing to dog owners since the animals run through the house and may track dirt in from outside. A dog also may occasionally have an accident on carpeting, and some materials are more prone to permanent stains.

Liquid Blocking

Some carpet is designed so that liquid spills do not reach the padding underneath, which is helpful for preventing odors and mildew growth. That protection is suitable for many episodes, including dogs tracking in rainwater or snow, wet dogs rolling on the material, and dogs having an accident. That might occur from an upset tummy or the owners not being home in time to let the dog outside.

Stain Resistance

The stain-resistant material has been designed, so it’s impossible for stain-causing substances to permanently stick to the carpet fibers. It’s easy to mop up the spill, even if the substance has dried.

Consulting Knowledgeable Representatives

Some manufacturers promote their carpeting as being ideal for pet owners. The new homeowners may want to ask representatives with a store like American Carpet what their recommendations are. Distributors are happy to answer questions about carpeting that’s easy to care for when dogs live in the home. They’ve heard those questions many times before since a large number of U.S. residents have these pets and keep them indoors. In fact, according to Gallup data, nearly half of U.S. households include a dog. Details on this particular store can be viewed at the website AmericanCarpetDistributors.com.

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