When Is It Time to Move to a Senior Living Facility?

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Assisted Living

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One of the most challenging conversations you may ever have to have is on the topic of when it is time to find senior living facilities in Naples, FL. This is always an emotionally charged and highly complex conversation to have, but there are several visible indicators you can use to bring up the topic in a way that is both logical and empathetic.

When a topic is emotionally charged, people are often able to tell whether someone is suggesting a life change to them within the context of genuine empathy or selfishness. Therefore, it is vital that it is made apparent early on that the topic is being brought up from a genuine place of care and concern. With that being stated, what are some factors that will indicate when it is time to move to a senior living facility?

Has the Person in Question Suffered From a Major Medical Incident Recently?

When discussing the possibility of moving into one of any number of senior living facilities in Naples, FL, one of the most prescient and highly visible factors to take into consideration is whether the person in question recently suffered from some sort of major medical malady within a recent time period. This would refer to things like a significant stroke, a diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease, or other medical conditions which would prevent them from being able to live on their own independently.

Does the Person Need Care That Their Immediate Family Is Unable to Provide?

Even if the person in question has not suffered from a major medical malady as of late, another indicator that it is time to consider looking at senior living facilities in Naples, FL, is when the person is in need of more regular day to day care and, for whatever reason, their family is unable to provide that level of one on one care.

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