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When Do You Need Refrigerator Repair Service?

Picture this – you came back home from the gym, tired and thirsty. You open the refrigerator door to have a bottle of chilled water. To your dismay you find that the light in your fridge did not turn on when you opened the door. Sensing trouble, you checked the bottles and the containers kept inside, soon realizing that your fridge is not cooling properly. The best decision that you can take at such times is to call a refrigerator repair service center immediately.

It may so happen that you are constantly disturbed by the noise caused by your fridge, indicating that there is some serious problem with it. This noise increases especially at night and hampers your sleep. You wake up in the morning to find that water is leaking in your fridge. These are some of the indications to show you that your fridge is not functioning properly and you need to contact the professionals who are efficient in handling all kinds of refrigerator repair jobs.


Your refrigerator is one of the most essential appliance that you have at home. It is as if your life comes to a standstill when this appliance encounters a problem and ceases to function properly. You start worrying about the safekeeping of all your food items. How will all the food stored in there, remain fresh and cool? How can you prevent the ice-cream from melting? This is an emergency situation and you need the help of the refrigerator repair services, on the double.

Here are some of the most common problems for which you need to call up a company offering refrigerator repair services:

  • There may be a defect in the temperature control or the defrost timer, or a total failure in the compressor, which causes this appliance to stop functioning.  Again, if there is a loss in the refrigerant charge, you will find that the items in your fridge are not getting as cold as they are supposed to  get.
  • If there is a problem with the internal compressor or evaporator fan, this appliance usually starts emitting noise. Another problem that you may often face, is that your fridge door does not shut well and often keeps opening on its own. This may be a result of the poor quality of door seals, which therefore needs to be changed.

An experienced and well trained professional offering the services of refrigerator repair can take care of all the such problems, and a lot more. It is therefore advisable to hire a skilled professional from a reputed company. Most good companies offer a warranty period. If within this period, your fridge starts malfunctioning with the same problem again, it will be fixed by these professionals at no extra cost. Moreover, reputed companies do not charge at all, if they fail to fix your problem. Thus you should always go for a well known company which is highly efficient in providing the services of refrigerator repair. Murrieta is a good place to look for such companies as you are sure to come across several.


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