When Craft Beer Met Pizza at a Charleston SC Italian Restaurant

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Articles

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Craft beer and pizza go together wonderfully. Some day beer started out as ancient bread grains that fermented after getting wet. We don’t know about all that. We just know that these two are a heavenly match. Here are some beer/pizza pairing tips to test during your next night out at Italian restaurants in Charleston, SC.

What to Beer in Mind

Both craft beer and pizza can get pretty elaborate, but they’re both still humble, guilty pleasures. When considering a pairing, the most important factors are the pizza’s crust, sauce and cheese. Traditional, minimalist cheese pizza really caresses the palate when paired with down-home American pale ales. The ale’s hint of hoppy bitterness cuts through the fatty cheese, cleansing the palate.

Other Pairings of Popular Pizza Types and Beers

An unfiltered lager never fails to complement a slice of Margherita. It juices up the charred crust and pushes the savory sweetness of the sauce forward. By contrast, the malty boldness of English-style American brown ales stands up exquisitely to spicy, meaty toppings like pepperoni. Golden ale with citrus hops is just the tonic for a Hawaiian slice’s pineapple and Canadian bacon.

More Drafts and Deep Dish at Italian Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Meat lovers and vegetarian pies seem to take on even more full-bodied flavor when washed down with the smoky backbone of a beefy stout and a crisp, light summer Kolsch, respectively. As pizza toppings multiply and change, the possible craft beer pairings become more complex and adventurous. Suggested pairings are soft rules to be turned upside down like your slightly-too-happy buddy’s beer mug.

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