When Bone Grafting Is Needed Before Dental Implant Placement in Port Orange Apr18


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When Bone Grafting Is Needed Before Dental Implant Placement in Port Orange

Many general dentists have completed training that qualifies them to place dental implants. Patients may feel more comfortable about having an oral and maxillofacial specialist do this work, however. Especially if they need bone grafting before placement of dental implants in Port Orange, this is a reassuring choice.

Causes of Jawbone Deterioration

Some dental patients have developed bone deterioration in the jaw to a certain extent. This may have occurred because of gum disease, which must heal before other work can be done. Women are susceptible to this problem due to osteoporosis that may occur after menopause. A previous smoking habit and certain medications also may have caused the problem.

About Grafting

Grafting is required to rebuild the density and strength before the installation of dental implants in Port Orange. Usually, bone tissue is harvested from the patient. Tissue may be acquired from the back of the jaw or chin, or the hip or leg. It also can be purchased from a bone bank.

A Gradual Process

Before implants can be installed, the patient must wait until the process is complete. The patient’s own grafted tissue gradually fuses with the jawbone. In contrast, bone bank tissue stimulates new cell production where it was placed. The oral surgeon evaluates the process during appointments and decides when implant surgery can be performed. In both cases, this takes several months.

Concluding Thoughts

Afterward, the jaw is stronger and healthier. It now can support dental implant rods that become integrated with the bone. Implants are very similar to a person’s natural teeth and are considered the most optimal replacement method. Details on one oral surgery practice can be viewed at https://www.cardinaloms.com.

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