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When and Why People Commonly Begin Funeral Pre-Planning in Bel Air

Funeral Pre-planning in Bel Air can include paying for the services ahead of time. Many people who make their funeral arrangements pay the organization too, so their immediate family does not have to deal with this. Even if they expect to have plenty of money in their accounts at the time of death, they don’t want their loved ones having this additional unpleasant task.

Locking in Preferences

By doing funeral Pre-planning in Bel Air, the individual locks in his or her preferences for after-death services. The decision is made about burial or cremation, and a full funeral or a more casual memorial service. If there will be a visitation with an open casket, the person typically decides what he or she wants to be wearing. The casket or cremation urn is chosen as well. The family members do not have to make any decisions about any of these services.

When People Make These Plans

People make these plans with an organization such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services at different stages of life, depending on the circumstances. Some wait until they reach a certain age, such as 70 or 75, and then set up the arrangements. They know they will not live forever and understand what the average life expectancy is. Others make the arrangements after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Having to move to a nursing home because of increasing disability is another motivating factor.

In some cases, the decision is spurred by something that happens to a friend or relative. A close friend’s parent passes away without making any plans or stating any preferences. This leaves the adult children to argue about whether the parent would have wanted burial in a cemetery, cremation, and scattering of ashes, a visitation with a viewing, and other details.

Paying for the Service

Payments for pre-planning often are made all at once, although some organizations allow monthly payments for a certain length of time. Usually, there are no further charges after the person passes away, even if the services have increased in price since that time. Anyone interested in getting started may visit the website for more information.

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