What Your Local Vet Can Offer You in Martinez

Your local Martinez vet has a great many services and amenities to offer you and your pet. They offer excellent preventive care and pro-active treatments and procedures to increase your pet’s activity level as well as longevity. The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, applies not only to humans but to your canine or feline companion as well. Preventive measures such as regular heart worm pills can help save your pet from a devastating illness and possibly a heartbreaking death.

Surgical Training and Treatment Options

Your local Martinez veterinarians have extensive training and skill in surgical procedures and most are board certified ensuring a higher level of standard for your pet’s well-being. Vets in Martinez offer many on-site services and amenities under one roof so as to make your life less complicated. Certain services such as laboratory facilities, x-rays, ultrasound, surgical procedures, dentistry, stem cell therapy and an innovative blood donor program, can save precious time when you need blood test results back in a hurry or anesthesia for a pet that is in pain from an injury.

Online Pet Portal

One innovative new service that your local vet in Martinez now offers is a “Pet Portal” where you can access your pet’s information online at any time. You create your login and password for your pet and you can see updates while they are receiving medical treatment or reminders that their annual exam is due soon.

Financial Options and Affordable Pet Insurance

Your Martinez vet can also offer financial plans for costly medical procedures as well as pet insurance. These helpful financial options can help you make a difficult decision concerning your pet’s care without the added anxiety of not being to able to pay the entire amount upfront. We all have bills to pay and often extra expenses such as car repairs, home maintenance or our children’s school activities. These can all take an unexpected chunk out of our paychecks and leave us stretching our monthly budgets very thin. With pet insurance or other financial options, you can pay for your pet’s healthcare in small monthly increments.

Pet Hospitalization

If your pet ever needs overnight hospitalization for treatment or surgery, your Martinez vet can offer a clean, comfortable, modern hospital facility with 24 hour staff to keep watch over your pet’s fragile condition and be there to answer your questions whenever you call to check on or come in to visit your pet. With highly trained specialists and updated surgical equipment, your pet could not be in better hands than with your local Martinez vet.

Boarding and Grooming

Often times, your Martinez vet will offer boarding for when you must travel out of town. You can visit friends or family or get your work done with a greater piece of mind if you know your pet is being cared for by a loving, around the clock staff. Your local Martinez vet will also allow you to leave a special toy with your animal so they have a comforting sense of home while you must be away.

Your local Martinez vet can also offer affordable and skilled grooming. Grooming can be a health issue for many animals, especially those with long hair or are prone to ear infections. It is good to know your vet in Martinez can offer you this service and can do so when your pet is already scheduled for a medical visit so you can save time and money by only having to drive your pet to the vet once for two services. If your pet has a tendency to become anxious when visiting the vet, they will also appreciate not having to leave home more often than absolutely necessary.

If you are unaware what your local vet Martinez can offer you and your pet, please visit sunvalleyvet.com to see what you are missing. Please call to schedule an appointment and allow them to become a valued part of your pet’s life.

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