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What You Should Realize About Diesel Fuel for Agricultural Purposes in Ohio

Agricultural equipment is known for being large and heavy. Like other machines of this size, these pieces of equipment are likely to run on diesel fuel. In fact, there are many advantages to using this type of fuel in the agricultural industry. Learn about the different types of diesel, and how each is used.

About the Grades

As with other types of gas, diesel comes in different grades. You’ll find Marathon diesel fuel in grade one or two. Grade one fuel is best used in the winter because it is more volatile. Grade two has more viscosity than grade one. Due to this, it is better to fit for less harsh operating temperatures. It also offers an increase in MPG and protects the engine with lubricant. Be sure to know which grade you need before purchasing diesel.

Other Options for Winter

If you are working in colder conditions, you may need to get a winterized form of diesel. Marathon diesel fuel in Zanesville OH, that meets this need are actually blends of kerosene, diesel, and distillates. However, you should be aware of the reduced fuel efficiency when using this type of fuel. To get a better idea of whether this is a good fit speak with a fuel provider, such as Co-Alliance, for assistance.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuels

In modern times, many agricultural companies rely on ultra-low sulfur diesel. This is becoming the new standard for agricultural use. This type of fuel is cheaper, environmental-friendly and efficient.

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