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What You Need to Know About the Sit Stand Treadmill Desk – FAQs Answered

Treadmill desks are gaining popularity with large corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs working from home. If you spend hours a day sitting down and working on a computer, it’s a given that your overall activity level will drop. With that comes weight gain, lack of focus, and many potential health complications.

Treadmill desks are the perfect solution because they allow you to burn calories and boost your daily activity level without taking your focus off work. In fact, walking throughout the day is more likely to boost your productivity so that your work goals are easier to achieve. If you want to give a treadmill desk a try, consider the following answers to a few FAQs.

How fast will a sit stand treadmill desk go?

The maximum speed for any treadmill varies. Most walking treadmills go up to 2 or 2.5 mph, but you can often request a slight speed increase if you want to use the treadmill for fast walking or running outside of work hours. The low-speed threshold reflects the purpose of a treadmill desk. The goal is to burn calories slowly and maintain focus throughout the day while walking consistently.

Will a sit stand treadmill desk take a lot of space?

The best treadmill desks are compact enough to fit into a standard-sized cubicle. It’s important to measure your space and check the treadmill’s total footprint before purchasing any type of new desk.

It’s surprisingly easy to focus on work while walking. If you need to increase your daily activity level, this is a fast way to hit that goal.

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