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What You Need to Know about Hair Extensions in Scottsdale, AZ

Hair Extensions in Scottsdale AZ are a great way to change your look, add thickness and length. They are very versatile and a great way to change up a short haircut. Customers can choose from different methods of applications and a variety of extensions. It helps to understand what the style you are trying to accomplish when adding extensions.

There are two types of weaves, which are synthetic and human hair. Human hair is similar to regular hair in your head. It can be straightened, permed, curled and colored. Heat can be used on the human weaves, but should be done with care. Synthetic weave cannot be subjected to direct heat and made with petrol products. However, there are still different ways to style and wear synthetic weaves. The hair is curled with rollers, but it cannot be colored. Human extensions are more versatile, which is the reason why it can cost more than synthetic hair.

There are a variety of grades available when purchasing human hair. Virgin is the most expensive out of the different grades. It has not been put through any chemical treatments, but appears lush and healthy. European weaves are a very popular choice when getting hair extensions. This type of hair is durable and strong. It can also be processed and dyed. European hair is not as expensive as virgin and can last up to a year. Asian hair is a good option when looking for coarse and dark hair. This type of hair is not expensive, but can dry out fast from daily use.

Clip-in extensions are another way to make the hail look fuller and to add length. It consists of hair wefts sewn on clips. Clip-in extensions are put into the hair where thickness and length is desired. The clips are very versatile and a good way to change up a hair style. Browse the site for more information.

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