What You Need for Tower Hardware Jul15


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What You Need for Tower Hardware

logoIf your business requires the use of various antennas or other signal devices, you may require the help of towers to help you gain the reach you desire. When you are responsible for building and maintaining these towers, you will find you need various pieces of tower hardware to build one from scratch or to maintain the towers you already have. As you work on the tower, it is important to make sure you have exactly what you need, whether you are setting up a new one or making repairs.

Type of Tower

There are many types of towers that are used for different purposes. You need to know exactly what type of tower you have so you can be sure to purchase the right components. Even though some components may look as though they are compatible with each other, choosing the wrong components can render your tower useless. The last thing you want is to attempt to repair damage to one of your towers only to find you need to order different components to complete the repair.


Anytime you construct something that is made of metal and stands above everything else around it, it is important to make sure it is properly grounded. When you are purchasing the various tower hardware you need for your project, grounding equipment is an absolute necessity to avoid damage from lightning in any storm that passes through. In most cases, you should buy a kit, especially when you are building a new tower. However, the individual components are available if you only need to replace one part of the grounding system.


If your tower is more than 2,000 feet tall, you will need to use lighting to ensure aircraft can see your tower and avoid it, whether it is night or day. However, this depends greatly on the location of the tower. In some situations, this height may be lower due to close proximity to the airport or other reasons. Therefore, it is best to speak with the FCC to ensure you are meeting the proper standards when it comes to lighting and marking your tower.

Antenna towers and other signal towers are an essential part of many businesses. If you need to use one or more of these towers, it is essential for you to be prepared to build and maintain it. Buying the right tower hardware will ensure you are able to handle anything that comes your way. Some of the most important hardware you need to consider is replacement parts for the specific type of tower you have, a grounding kit and the proper lighting, if required.

To learn more about the types of tower hardware you require if you need to use these towers for your business, visit the 3 Star Incorporated website or call 1-877-660-0974.

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