What You Need for Interstate Houston Office Moving Jan11


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What You Need for Interstate Houston Office Moving

Moving offices can be stressful but moving offices interstate can be even more so. It is crucial that you find a reputable Houston office moving company that can help you with that interstate move. In order to make sure that the company you have selected is the right one for you and is indeed reputable, there are several things that you must do.

To begin with, be sure to start your search by looking at more than one moving company. Ideally, you want to get at least 3 written office moving estimates.  Getting an estimate off the Internet or by phone may not be accurate.  It is therefore advisable that the movers walk through your office and that you show them everything that needs to be packed up and moved.  Most people tend to leave out the storage areas when they do the walk through and then get totally shocked when the rate jumps.  Show the movers everything that needs to move.  If there are things that are of special value to you, let the movers know to be extra careful with those.

Federal law demands that you get pre-move documents from the office moving company you select.  They should include your ready to move brochures, the document that lets you know what your rights and responsibilities are and information about which arbitration program the movers are part of. They should come along with your written estimate and if they do not for whatever reason, you need to ask for them.

Office moving can be complex sometimes and the language used may not be familiar to you. It is therefore important that you ask questions if you do not understand something. If the answers provided are not satisfactory ask for clarification. It is your right to move to another carrier should you find that you are unsatisfied with the answers you are getting. Another thing to look out for with movers is large down payments so as to reserve a date or service. In addition, do not sign any papers without reading and understanding what they say and do not ever sign blank forms.

When possible plan to move during the off peak season. Summer to early fall is the high season for movers and most Houston Office moving companies are pushed to the limit. If this is the only time you can move then ask the mover when the best time to make the move would be and if there are discounts for moving on certain days of the week. The movers will need to have your phone number and you should be reachable on that number.  You in turn should also get the drivers truck number, ID, as well as full name. Take your valuables with you such as important papers or send them ahead using a traceable parcel service.

Houston office moving companies can help you with your interstate move.  However, you need to make sure that the company is reputable and law abiding.

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