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What Types of People Choose a Park Model Log Cabin Home in Dallas TX?

Technically, park models are trailers and are categorized as recreational vehicles. However, they don’t look like trailers or even like old-fashioned mobile homes from decades ago. Instead, they look like a little house, a cottage or even like a tiny Log Cabin Home in Dallas TX. The structures can be up to 400 square feet. Anything larger is classified as a manufactured home. People can extend the living space with features such as porches, decks, and patios if they have the structures placed on a private lot. Some park models come with porches as well.

What types of people buy a park model Log Cabin Home in Dallas TX? They come from various walks of life. One of the most common scenarios involves people who use the small residence for a vacation property. They might have it set up at a resort or RV park that allows the structures and spend weekends there. Individuals known as snowbirds spend part of the year in a northern state and part of the year down south. They also are prevalent in the southern population of park model residents. Some of them are retired while others are self-employed and can work wherever they want to. They might order a log cabin or cottage-style structure from a supplier such as Platinum Park Homes and have it set up at a park in the Dallas area, enjoying the sense of being in a remote location that’s within easy driving distance of the city.

Representatives of different parts of the population also buy a park model after visiting a website likeĀ visit website .A young adult who cannot afford to buy real estate but is tired of apartment living might choose one of these little homes. Over-the-road truckers who are single and hardly ever home also appreciate having this type of small house to call their own. It doesn’t require much time devoted to cleaning or other maintenance. Retired couples who have downsized and don’t want the upkeep of a traditional house may choose this cozy abode. With a two-bedroom version, they have space for the grandchildren to spend a weekend now and then.

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