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What Type of Carpet Charlotte is Right For You?

Choosing carpet for a single room can be challenging. Choosing wall to wall Carpet Charlotte for your entire home can be even more difficult. If you select the wrong style or color of carpet for your home, you won’t be happy with the results for the life of the carpet. There are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to shop that will help make you happier with your budget.
Texture is a key factor in any carpet, including Discount Carpets Charlotte. It is created by differences in the carpet’s pile or the height of the fibers. Shaggy and twisted fibers can create a more relaxed look while smooth and even fibers make for a more formal setting. Multi-tone fibers can bring out the carpet’s texture. There are four basic types of carpet pile. The first one is berber, or loop pile. This type of carpet is very durable and is a great fit for high-traffic or stain-prone areas in your home. A plush carpet, or cut pile, is known as a more comfortable and formal looking carpet. It is a great fit for a formal sitting room and is available in several lengths. The longer cut piles are the ones that feel more comfy against your feet but it wears more quickly in higher traffics. It can also trap more allergens than other types of piles. The third type of carpet is the cut and loop pile, which is a combination of berber and plush. This is a version more recommended for dining areas because it is a comfort but durable loop pile. The last version available is recycled polyester. It’s a more environmentally friendly carpet and is made from recycled plastic bottle caps. The EPA recommends this type for carpet for moderate wear or lower traffic areas.
Once you have decided on some possible Carpet Charlotte for your home, ask the salesperson for the largest samples they have available to take home. Bring them back to the rooms you want to install carpet in and set them against your walls and furniture. Make sure you check the samples out under natural and artificial lights as it can change the appearance. Having a better idea of the way it will look in your home should give you more confidence in your purchase.

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