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What To Look For When Purchasing a Blast Cabinet

If you were to check step-by-step instructions ahead of virtually any project, the first step is almost always to get prepared. Those working with products that need blasting ahead of surface treatment need to ensure the preparation is done properly. While there are many methods of surface preparation available, abrasive blasting is gaining in popularity due to its general ease as well as its lack of chemicals.

One of the most common setups for abrasive blasting is a blast cabinet, an enclosed space accessible by armholes to manipulate the item being blasted. Cabinets come in a variety of sizes and prices that can appeal to the professional and the hobbyist alike. When considering a blast cabinet purchase, you should consider your needs to get the best fit.

Cabinet Size

Think about the size of the pieces you need to blast, including those you may be likely to need in the foreseeable future. Cabinets range significantly in size, and if you only expect to be blasting tiny parts, it may make more sense to consider a tabletop-size version rather than a floor-standing model.

Blast Gun Size

Your air compressor will be a significant determining factor in what size of blast gun you can support, as well as what type of material you plan to use for blasting. Consider both the strain you may be putting on your compressor, as well as the cost-benefit of a nozzle that might last longer but cost more up-front.

Cabinet Quality and Features

Blasting is a very harsh process to the inside of a cabinet, so it’s essential that the interior is constructed solidly. Also, do the openings to the cabinet make sense for the objects you need to blast, or will they be awkward? A dust collector is essential for blasting; you can examine options from simple collectors to reclaim/recycle systems that can reuse the abrasive material.

There are many different types of blast cabinets on the market—be sure to consider all your options to find the best one for you.

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