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What To Look For In International Shipping Crates And Shippers

If you are planning to ship materials, goods or any item overseas, you have to consider a variety of factors. It can be confusing and difficult unless you understand the various rules and regulations that apply. However, if you know what to look for in international shipping crates and shipping companies, it goes a long way to reducing the fear of complications setting in.

International Shipping Companies

If you want to avoid serious issues such as product rejection or impounding and a poor reputation, you need to choose the company shipping your products very carefully. They must have a sterling reputation in the business. They must also have a solid reputation for understanding the complexity of shipping diverse goods to different countries. They know the regulations that govern everything from documentation to packaging.

When selecting the right shipping company consider the following qualities imperative for making certain everything goes smoothly.

  • Documentation: Do provide the right documentation? This should include the infamous “bug stamp” or ISPM-15 mark
  • Packaging: Do they offer a variety of packaging options, including international shipping crates and boxes?
  • Shipping Standards: Does the company meet the standards for their business and yours? Do they offer the requisite ISPM-15 heat-treated wood crate?
  • Security: does their packaging and facilities provide the necessary security your company requires?
  • Protection: Does the packaging and handling they afford provide the proper level of protection from damage and theft?
  • Delivery: Do they guarantee to deliver your products on time?

Always ascertain company licensure, credentials, capabilities and successes, before agreeing to a contract.

International Shipping Crates and Shippers

It is essential to consider your options when shipping overseas. For your company to be successful, the shipper it chooses must meet certain standards. By working with a qualified, reliable and reputable company, one who obtains their standard and international shipping crates from highly experienced professional manufacturers, you can rest assured your products will successfully make the trip overseas.

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