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What To Look For At Alzheimer’s Care in Fort Mill, SC

Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s requires patience, understanding, and flexibility. To make the care process easier and reduce the amount of frustration you may feel, read through these tips for daily tasks. It’s important to create and maintain a safe environment, while reducing the amount of distractions.

During the early stages of Alzheimer’s Care in Fort Mill, SC your loved one may still be able to act and live independently. However, as the disease progresses over time their ability to look after themselves will diminish. As your loved one becomes more dependent on you or others to help, think of ways to enable them maintain as much independence as possible.

Minimize Frustrations

Someone suffering with Alzheimer’s can become easily agitated when routine tasks start to become challenging for them. To minimize the frustration for them, and for the caregiver, here are some tips:

Be patient – Tasks are going to take longer than they used to. This is just the reality of the disease, so exercise patience at all times.

Establish a routine – Keeping a daily routine is helpful for a number of reasons; routine helps to make the Alzheimer’s sufferer feel more secure, it will help the caregiver know what to do at set times, and there will be less uncertainty for everyone overall.

Always involve the loved one – Try not to exclude your loved one from any tasks, even if you know it will be a lot quicker for you to do most things yourself. It’s important they retain their independence and dignity as long as possible.

Use step-by-step instructions – Tasks which were once easy will become more challenging. When you are setting a task explain yourself in a step-by-step method. Breaking it down into smaller pieces will make it easier to remember and carry out.

Reduce distractions – Reduce the amount of distractions in the house when you are relaying information or talking. The TV, radio, and other noises can be very distracting and cause the mind to wander.

Create a Safe Environment

People with Alzheimer’s are at higher risk of causing injury to themselves. Their judgment becomes impaired, and their assessment of risk is clouded. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to make sure their environment is as safe as possible; here are some tips to help you in doing so:

Lock away hazardous materials – Fit locks on medicine cabinets, cupboards containing bleach and other poisonous liquids, and on any cupboards/drawers containing sharp utensils.

Check water temperature – You may need to adjust the thermostats throughout the house to ensure there is no chance of being burned by hot water, especially the water heater.

Minimize fall risks – Falling and causing injury is an all too common issue with Alzheimer’s sufferers. Remove any rugs which can cause a loss in friction, tuck away any trip hazards, and install handrails to stairways and other critical areas.

If the afflicted loved one’s disease progresses to a degree which you can no longer handle, then there are a number of specialized facilities, like the ones found at Watercrest Senior Living Group, LLC, available to help. Places equipped to specifically handle even the most severe Alzheimer’s cases would be ideal to ensuring your loved one is as happy as possible.

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