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What to Know Before Contracting With Houston Heat Treating Services

For most Houston OEMs, working with a contracted company for heat treating services on parts and components is the most cost-effective option. This saves the OEM from having to invest in equipment and labor while still having the ability to set quality control standards and have the processes completed to specific tolerances and standards.

When looking for companies to partner with for heat treating services, there are several factors to keep in mind. Most of the top heat treating companies are very competitive in their pricing, but there can be a range of differences in other aspects of the company.

Heat Treatment Processes Available

Depending on the industry and the application for the parts and components, choosing the ideal heat treating services that keep costs low while maintaining the desired characteristics is critical. By choosing a company offering the full spectrum of heat treatment possibilities, it is possible to do both for multiple types of production needs.

Capacity for Processing

Not all heat treating services have the capacity to work to high volume single orders or JIT delivery types of orders. It is important to check the reputation of the heat treatment company to ensure they deliver on time with small to large volume orders.

Ability to Ramp Up

A significant mistake is to assume that a company that has the ability to deliver the current order volume to the schedule can also ramp up production as needed. Always consider the maximum production requirements and verify the company has the capacity and the capability to complete orders to this level.

Industry Experience and Expertise

In the Houston area, most of the heat treating companies have experience in providing parts and components for all types of industries, including the oil and gas industries, automotive, aerospace, machinery and equipment manufacturing and even in the production of medical devices and equipment.

Companies with industry experience know the standards required, which improves quality and precision control of all services.

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