What to Know About Using Solar LED Lighting and Your Regional Climate

by | Dec 5, 2012 | Shopping

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There are many people who consider getting solar LED lighting for the outside of their commercial or residential property. These lights can be a great way to get outdoor illumination wherever you need it. However, many people have a number of questions regarding these lights; mainly involving whether or not their region’s climate will impact the effectiveness of these solar lights. This is a reasonable concern, which is why it is important to keep a few different things in mind when you are choosing solar LED lighting for your home; whether you are looking to have these lights out all year round or if they are temporary outdoor fixtures for the holiday season.

First, there are many people who are worried about the condition of their solar LED lighting if they live in very sunny climates, such as areas like New Mexico. This is a common concern as there are many people who buy solar LED lights and find that due to the amount of direct sunlight these lights are getting the plastic coating on the outside of the light starts to disintegrate and fade away. This is because the outside is made of plastic, or more specifically non-UV ABS plastic. Unfortunately, many solar lights on the market today are made by companies that are in the toy business, meaning they use this style of non-UV ABS plastic on their lights. This plastic is made for toys not for lighting. The result is low quality lighting that you will have to replace in just a few months when you are in a particularly sunny area.

This is why looking for quality LED lighting is so important. When you take the time to find high quality lighting that features a coating that is made from high-impact UV resistant glass filled nylon material; you are buying lights that will last for a long time. When the panel is made of this strong nylon and glass you can count on the panel coating to stay resilient even if they are outdoors in bright sunlight most of the day.

While there are many who worry about their solar LED lights in sunny environments there are many who also worry about their lights when they live in cold and cloudy areas of the world as well. This is why you will want to look for high quality lights that feature special controls and electronic circuits designed for these types of conditions. When you do, the brightness output of the lights can be decreased slightly in cloudy weather to preserve the battery power. If you do not find a light option like this and turn to a traditional lower quality LED light, the cloudy weather will result in no light output from your LED lights.

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