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What to Know About Stage Lighting

There are all sorts of elements to consider as you craft a performance, and one of the most important is the lighting. It’s well-known how important lighting is to any stage production. It sets the mood for an audience and is integral to influencing how certain scenes should be interpreted. Yet there are so many aspects to creating the right type of lighting for a performance people can’t forget, especially without assistance from stage lighting manufacturers. Here are some of the most important basics for setting up the stage lights for your next performance.


Different positions create varying lighting effects. You may want to consider these positions and their relevance to the type of performance you are hosting or leading.

  • Down is one large spotlight illuminating the entire space of the stage. This highlights the full performance.
  • Front provides a more general type of lighting that hits all of the key areas of the stage.
  • Back illuminates an area from behind in a way that puts the audience’s eye more on the performer and sets them apart from the rest of the scene.
  • High side is meant to light up a performer’s torso for a dramatic effect.
  • Side casts light across the face, arms, legs and torso. It is ideal for dancers due to the focus placed on the body.


Stage lighting manufacturers understand how influential lighting can be in terms of setting a scene. The hue of the lighting, for instance, can help an audience understand whether a scene is supposed to take place at night or during the day. Textured lighting can be used to enhance the set of a play by providing added scenery, and using spotlights and similar effects can highlight specific aspects of a performance, drawing the audience’s attention there as needed.

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