What to Know About Sheet Metal Thread Forming

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Manufacturing

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When you are looking for high-quality engineered fastener solutions in any industry, you will want to find sheet metal thread forming screws, fasteners, or lock washers. They create a right fit in heavy duty sheet metal and other hard materials. They cut away the surrounding material to create a tapped hole, and they have tapered threads and cutting edges that dig into the surface material.

Industries That Use Them

There are a number of industries that rely on sheet metal thread forming screws, fasteners, or lock washers. This includes automotive, agricultural, heavy equipment, furniture, appliances, HVAC, heavy equipment, lawn and garden, and military industries. You can get thread forming screws for sheet metal that cut into the sheet metal for a tight fit. You can also get fasteners, which are made from hardened steel so that they can penetrate hard materials.

Metal Thread Forming Screws

Sheet metal thread forming screws have a number of applications. They come in different designs, including Taptile, TEKS, Tap/R, and GX Self Extruding. The engineers develop these screws to handle challenging applications. They also have threaded fasteners that are tight and reliable. Friction happens where the mating threads come together.

Tension is there when torque is applied, as screw threads naturally slide. They will apply compression to the screws so that they return to their original form after torque is applied. Quality is important, from the design to the manufacturing and application of these screws. It is important to find high quality sheet metal thread forming screws for the products you build.

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