What to Know About Senior Home Care in Washington, DC Jul13


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What to Know About Senior Home Care in Washington, DC

When people are looking for senior home care in Washington, DC, they turn to experienced professionals such as Capital City Nurses. The best agencies have decades of experience serving clients in DC and the surrounding areas. They are known for providing exceptional levels of care and support in the home, and their goal is always to keep their clients safe, healthy, and happy.

How It Works

The first step to getting quality senior home care in Washington, DC, is to meet with the agency. The best ones customize their treatment plan for each individual client, and they begin by having a dedicated RN perform a head-to-toe assessment.

Once this is complete, the personal care coordinator will match the client with a caregiver. They consider criteria such as preferences, skills, and availability. The level of service is based on what the clients want and need. All caregivers are licensed, bonded, and insured and they have the proper training, education, and resources for success.

Services They Offer

Caregivers who offer senior home care in Washington, DC, provide a range of services to their clients. They offer help with personal care, including bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming. They have also been trained to help prevent falls, and they provide companionship by chatting, encouraging activities, sharing meals, playing games, and facilitating connections to family.

When clients need to go to social events or appointments, the caregiver will accompany them. These skilled professionals prepare healthy meals, give medication reminders, and more. People have the option of aging at home when they have caregivers who assist them with their needs.

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