What to Know About Preparing for AC Installation in Hillsboro

by | Dec 29, 2022 | Air Conditioning

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When it’s time for AC installation in Hillsboro, preparation is essential. Here are some tips to help homeowners prepare for installation day.

Choosing a New Air Conditioner

Before installation day arrives, homeowners have a big decision to make. What type of air conditioner will they install? Often, people replace their old air conditioners with newer versions of the same brand. However, it’s best to consider all options.

Although central air conditioning systems tend to be the most popular, that doesn’t mean they’re suitable for all homes. Perhaps a ductless mini-split system or a heat pump is a better option. Remember, this purchase will last for many years, decades even. So, consider all options and seek professional guidance from qualified HVAC specialists.

Scheduling AC Installation

Technicians don’t carry air conditioning systems in their trucks like they do parts for repairs. Replacing an air conditioner takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. When a technician determines that AC replacement is the only option, it’s a service that needs scheduling. The company has to order the new system and set aside the installation time.

When scheduling AC installation, choose a day when someone with household decision-making authority is available all day. The average installation takes four to eight hours and requires technicians to go in and out of the home. There might also be a significant amount of time when the electricity is out. It’s best to be flexible on installation day.

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