What to Know About Finding a Collaborating Physician Feb09


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What to Know About Finding a Collaborating Physician

When nurse practitioners (NPs) need help finding a collaborating physician, they can turn to a company such as Collaborating Docs. This organization makes it easier for nurse practitioners to help more patients and have free choice to match with collaborating physicians. NPs can find a collaborator who is ready to mentor them and there are many services that they provide.

How It Works

Companies that help NPs in finding a collaborating physician help them find a physician who is available, willing to mentor them, and more. This type of company also offers help finding a lawyer, and it is affordable and easy to use. NPs can have the collaborative agreement drawn up by an affordable attorney, which ensures that they are always current with state-specific requirements. These plans include malpractice insurance and lawyer’s invoices, and there is a simple one-time match fee and ongoing affordable physician fees.

The Best Collaborators

The best companies that offer help finding a collaborating physician guarantee a match within 14 days. They also state that the collaborating physician will always be available during business hours, and they will review 10% of client charts monthly. In addition, collaborating physicians will have a monthly check-in video call with clients, and they fulfill any state-specific requirements. There is an initial match fee and a flat monthly rate, which is affordable, and it includes having a collaborative agreement drawn up by their in-house attorney. Finally, this type of service also covers malpractice insurance for the chosen physician, which means that NPs can focus on taking care of their patients.

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