What To Expect With Interstate Moving

In Maryland, long-distance moving services require clients to pay according to the distance traveled. The total number of transport vehicles needed also increases the cost. Professional moving services offer Interstate Moving and a wide assortment of services that are worth the price.

Full-Service Packing Services

The moving company offers full-service packing services. The crew arrives at the property and packages all items carefully. Breakables are wrapped to prevent them from moving during the transport. All packages have an invoice detailing all items in each package. The process lowers the chance of losses for the client.

Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

The crew disassembles all furnishings and packs them properly. The furnishings are packaged with instructions whenever possible. The crew assembles the furniture when it arrives at the new location. The movers place the furniture in the location requested by the property owner. The crew dusts and cleans the furniture when setting it up.

Long-Distance Vehicle Moving

Long-distance moves require property owners to make arrangements for vehicle transport. The vehicles are loaded onto large transport trucks and secured properly. Some movers use crates for automobiles if the long-distance move is for military families. The crating is completed on location and offers a perfect fit.

Unpacking the Items Upon Arrival

The movers complete unpacking services for the property owner upon arrival. The property owner identifies what rooms the items belong in, and the crew takes it from there. The invoices are checked off as the items are removed from the boxes. The crew disposes of all boxes and packing materials for the property owner.

When Storage is Needed

Clients who are between properties rent a storage unit until their new home is ready. The movers deliver all items to the storage unit and reload it when it is time to move to the new place.

In Maryland, long-distances moving offers customers GPS tracking for their shipping requirements. The movers also manage packing and unpacking requirements for the clients. Assembly services are offered to clients when the transport services arrive at their new location. Clients who need to schedule Interstate Moving can visit us for more details and estimates now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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