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What to Expect from Testicle Removal Surgery

In some situations, there is a need to have a testicle removed. Many times, this is due to a health complication or the potential for disease. In most cases, just the concerned testicle is removed. However, it is possible to have both removed as well, such as in gender transformation procedures. If you are thinking about the benefits and risks that come from testicle removal surgery, it is best to work with your plastic surgeon carefully to learn what your options and expectations should be.

What to Know About the Procedure

In testicle removal surgery, your doctor can customize and tailor the process to meet your specific needs and goals. For example, he or she can remove one or both. This is generally an option when the benefit is cosmetic gain. However, in procedures such as the prevention of cancer spreading, it is often necessary to remove both. This is considered a radical procedure.

In all cases, the removal of the testicle does not limit a man’s sexual function as long as one remains. If you are in need of this type of procedure, it’s important to understand why it is happening and the benefits it can offer. For example, it is not uncommon for testicular torsion to occur. In this procedure, the spermatic cord twists. When this happens, it can cause the blood supply to be cut off. This is typically a very painful situation, and the only way to resolve it is through removal procedures.

Working with a plastic surgeon that specializes in testicle removal surgery is often an important first step. Though it tends to be a very safe procedure, it is still one with important risks that you should understand before you go through with it. Your doctor can help you to learn more about what you can expect.

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