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What to Expect from Crab Home Delivery in London, UK

If you love the idea of having crab home delivery in London, UK, you can order online, and they will deliver it directly to your door. You can freeze it to keep it fresh, and they even offer guides and recipes so that you can prepare the best meals. When you work with a reliable company that offers quality seafood delivery, you can enjoy fresh crab at any time.

Types of Crab

When you call for crab home delivery in London, UK you can choose whole cleaned soft-shell crabs or wild giant raw king crab. The soft-shell crabs come from South-East Asia, and they are already cleaned. The best way to prepare them is by deep-frying. They will come frozen and you can choose from different sizes. They are sweet and juicy with a lot of flavour.

Wild giant raw king crab comes from Norway and is usually best boiled or grilled. You can serve three to four people, and it is frozen when it arrives. This crab comes from the Barents Sea. It is delicious and sure to impress.

How to Order

It is easy to order crab home delivery in London, UK. First, you choose the type or crab you want. They will receive the order, prepare it, and deliver it to your door. Once you receive it, you should freeze it to keep its quality. The packaging is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable, and you can recycle your box. The package also has a QR code on it that you can scan to get access to delicious recipes.

The team at Hook’d Seafood makes it easier to enjoy the flavors you love.

Address: Unit 4 Chancerygate Business Centre, South Ruislip, HA4 0JA

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