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What to Expect During Wood Flooring Installation in NYC

If you are considering having new wood flooring installed, you may not be sure of what to expect. The process is relatively simple and straightforward, but things can go awry if you do not have a reputable and experienced installer helping. Learn more about the process below.

Stripping Old Flooring

Before wood flooring installation NYC can take place, your old flooring must be stripped and disposed of properly. After the woods, the surface must be cleaned and prepped for the new flooring.

Fitting the New Flooring

Wood flooring must be planned out properly to avoid gaps and uneven or unsymmetrical areas. A professional wood flooring installation NYC service is the only way to ensure quality of workmanship. Your installer will set the material in place and use a sealant to keep it from sliding. Once all of the wood flooring pieces are secured, a gloss may be added for high shine. It can also protect your wood floors from deteriorating in the future.

Clean Up

Clean up is a critical last step as wood flooring installation can leave debris around your home. Final touches such as adding or reinstalling baseboards and molding should also be done at this point. Lastly, flooring may have a curing time frame associated with it during which it should not be stepped on.

Getting new wood flooring installed should be a rewarding experience. Leave your job up to the professionals at New York Wood Flooring for fast and reputable service. Visit their website today to learn more.

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