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What To Do With Old Electronic Scrap In NJ

Do you have a corner dedicated to unused scrap electronics in your New Jersey business or home? Electronic scrap or e-scrap can quickly pile up quickly and take up valuable space but this scrap cannot just be tossed in the trash. H & C Metals, located in Newark NJ, is a scrap metal yard that is qualified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to haul and recycle hazardous waste such as consumer electronic scrap. We pay CASH for your scrap!

What can we accept? H & C Metals will buy various electronic scrap metals such as cpu towers, servers, laptop computers, routers, hubs, telecom equipment, motherboards, cell phones, hard drives and much more. Call 973-589-7778 for current rates, inquiries on accepted scrap or to schedule a truck to pick-up your scraps and deliver to our New Jersey scrap yard.

H & C Metals is proud to be part of the recovery process for electronic scrap, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals in the state of New Jersey. We offer resource recovery solutions that allow corporations, contractors, municipalities and the general public to leverage the value of recyclable materials while contributing towards environmental conservation.

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