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What To Do When The Maintenance Required Light Comes On

Most newer models of all types of vehicles from company cars to SUVs, pickup trucks, luxury cars or even heavy duty trucks now have computerized systems. This allows the vehicle’s computer to track the mileage on the vehicle and provide cues to the driver when specific issues are detected.

One of the lights that New Jersey drivers see on a regular basis is the maintenance required light. There may also be another light that comes on, known as a CEL or check engine light. The maintenance light is not a critical factor if you are driving, but the CEL light is essential to check if it comes on. Checking your owner’s manual or an online website can help you know the difference between the two for your specific vehicle. The CEL is not necessarily a serious issue, but verifying it is still safe to continue to drive the car without damaging the engine is crucial.

The Basics

For most vehicles, the maintenance required light automatically comes on every 5000 miles. This signals the driver or owner that the vehicle needs to have an oil change and fluid and filters checks and replaced as needed.

There is no need to immediately schedule an oil change and overall check of the vehicle, but it should be done in the near future. Delaying this significantly can cause the oil to break down, providing limited protection for engine parts.

Dirty air filters can also negatively impact fuel economy, and can also drain your vehicle with the ability to accelerate as the correct air and fuel ratio is not getting to the engine.

Keep in mind; there are now mobile service professionals in New Jersey who can come to your home or office and provide oil changes, air filter replacements, and system checks when your maintenance required light comes on.

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