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What to Consider With Every Bathroom Remodel in Plymouth, MA

Bathroom remodeling planning is essential to keep the project moving forward and avoid major pitfalls. If bathroom remodeling in Plymouth, MA, is in the works, here are some things to consider.

Set a Budget

Bathroom remodeling costs can be expensive but setting a budget helps keep expectations realistic. As part of the budgeting process, things to consider include the size of the space being remodeled, the materials used, and the project’s labor costs. Adding 20% into the budget is always recommended as a cushion for unexpected expenses.

Hire the Right Team

Too often, for the sake of saving money, homeowners try to do much of the work themselves. While there are DIY aspects to bathroom remodeling projects, projects get done faster and for less money when the right team is hired. The team should include designers, construction workers, plumbers, and electricians. These team members are essential for every bathroom remodel project!

Think About the Future

It’s easy to get sidetracked by design and style, but it’s important to remember a bathroom remodel is an investment meant to add value to the home. If there’s a possibility of selling the house down the road, install timeless pieces that most buyers want. On the flip side, if people plan to age in their homes, install slip-proof flooring and stylish handrails in the shower for years when one needs a little more assistance.

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