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What To Check Before Buying Used Lab Equipment For Sale

As more labs, healthcare facilities and testing centers recognize the advantage of buying used or refurbished testing equipment and laboratory instruments, more sellers have appeared online.

Three Options

These sellers can be offering different types of sales. Many of the sellers online are brokers. These brokers do not actually have the equipment, they are the middleman between the buyer and the seller and take a commission from the seller for their service.

Another common option when looking at used lab equipment for sale is the private seller. These are hospitals, testing or lab facilities managers or even those who have purchased the equipment for resale.

Unfortunately, in most cases, both of these options are buyer beware types of sales or “sold as is” types of transactions. The buyer has to rely on the seller’s word as to the condition and reliability of the equipment.

The third and best option for used lab equipment for sale is to buy from an establish used equipment dealer. These companies have the equipment in-stock, and they also test and repair or upgrade the equipment to meet current standards for use.

Seller Reputation

With any of the three options for purchasing used lab equipment for sale, it is critical to know the reputation of the seller. Information on brokers and companies is easy to find online, but private sellers rarely have any reviews or feedback.

Look for established companies with decades in the medical and laboratory equipment sales industry.

The Equipment Condition, Price and Options to Consider

The best-used equipment dealers provide very specific information on the condition of any of the equipment they sell. They also ensure all equipment meets current lab protocols and standards, and they provide information on the total price of the equipment.

They can also be instrumental in providing suggestions on equipment that may also be a good fit for your testing needs. By having options to choose from, most labs can add equipment and still stay within their allotted budget.

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