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What Services are Offered by a Tustin Vet?

Veterinarians provide individualized care to meet the unique needs of each pet. Whether your pet is in need of basic grooming or training or requires advanced rehabilitation therapy, a qualified Tustin vet can help ensure that your pet overcomes his medical obstacles and leads a long and healthy life. Learn more about the various types of services offered by veterinarians in Orange County and the benefits of these services.

Routine Services
Pets should visit the vet on a regular basis for vaccinations, examinations and other routine procedures. These help ensure the ongoing health of your beloved cat or dog by finding any injuries or illnesses early on. Find a Tustin vet that offers all of the services you’ll need for your pet, including a modern laboratory, boarding and grooming services, a sterile surgical suite and other routine services that promote good healthcare.

Dentistry Services
From the youngest to the oldest, all pets require professional dentistry by an experienced veterinarian. Basic dentist services for pets include checkups, cleanings, fluoride treatments, ultrasonic scaling, endodontic, extractions and orthodontics. Cleaning your pet’s teeth and gums at home is not always enough. Animals need a thorough oral cleaning on occasion to remove tarter and plaque buildup.

Rehabilitation Services
Dogs and cats with previous injuries, illnesses or diseases can greatly benefit from pet rehabilitation services. With an experienced staff with special training in pet anatomy, disabilities, behavior and treatment, you can ensure that your pet is getting the highest standard of care available. Dogs and cats of all ages can benefit from rehabilitation services to promote a better range of motion and to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Surgical Services
Whether your furry friend needs a basic spray or neuter or a complicated surgery, you’ll want to find a vet that offers only the best surgical services. A team of highly trained vet technicians, coupled with a high-tech surgery suite makes for the perfect combination for a safe and efficient surgery. A qualified vet will know the protocols involving all aspects of anesthesia use, sterilizing equipment and monitoring patients.

Training Services
If your pet has behavior issues, training can go a long way to improving the way that your pet acts and interacts with others. Pet training typically involves a series of training appointments where your pet will gradually learn the correct way to behave. Pets can also learn simple commands, such as “sit” or “quiet.” These are valuable techniques that can greatly improve a pet/owner relationship.

For optimal care of all pets, the pet hospital offers a host of veterinary services, including diagnostics, surgery, laboratory analysis, laser therapy and hospice care, visit Ocvetmedcenter.com

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