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What Services Are Offered At Dental Clinic In California, MD?

In Maryland, dental professionals offer recommendations for avoiding teeth loss and gum disease. Their recommendations start with a full examination of the teeth and gums. Dental services also help patients avoid pain and discomfort caused by tooth damage. A local dental clinic in California MD offers complete services for all patients.

Complete Dental Examinations

All patients receive annual dental examinations, and most dental plans cover the services completely. The dental professionals review the patient’s teeth for potential issues that lead to tooth loss and gum disease. X-rays are taken to determine if there are any underlying conditions.

Semi-Annual Cleanings and Specialty Options

All patients receive semi-annual cleaning services, too. The hygienist completes the procedure and removes all debris from the teeth. The process lowers the risk of tooth damage and removes stubborn particles that could increase the risk of infection and other severe conditions. Patients with periodontal disease undergo a more complex cleaning called scaling and planing. It eliminates bacteria and particles in gum sockets as well as dead gum tissue.

Reconstruction and Repairs

Patients with damaged teeth undergo repairs and reconstructive services. The dentists use dental bonding to reconstruct the damaged teeth and reshape them. Dental bonding strengthens the repairs and makes them last longer. Some dentists use dental crowns to add extra protection for the damaged teeth. However, if the tooth is too damaged, an extraction is necessary.

Cosmetic Dental Choices

Cosmetic dental choices are available to improve the way the smile looks. The services start with teeth whitening treatments. Whitening treatments remove stubborn stains from the teeth and make them whiter. Veneers are also available if the teeth are severely discolored due to the aging process. Veneers are used to correct simple alignment problems, too.

In Maryland, dental clinics offer full examinations to find any adverse conditions that threaten the teeth and gums. Each patient receives an annual examination and semi-annual cleanings. Repairs are offered when the patient sustains an injury or the tooth begins to rot. Fillings are used for cavities, and dental bonding is used for more profound damage. Patients who want to learn more about the services offered at a dental clinic in California MD can check us out right now.

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