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What is there to know about wedding etiquette?

Although weddings have become less stiff and formal over time, there are still are great number of do’s and don’ts that must be taken into consideration when planning wedding receptions in Cincinnati OH. Proper wedding etiquette is all based on tradition, consideration and kindness shown to members of the wedding party and their invited guests. The planning of a wedding takes several components into account, including the actual marriage ceremony where etiquette and decorum will be most appreciated by everyone involved. The elements of a wedding start with the invitations, gifts, thank-you cards, party planning and the reception.

When addressing the wedding invitation it is considered proper to write the full name of the guests, including their middle name if known. All words are to be spelled out; this includes the date and time. If the wedding is held in a house of worship, the invitation should read “we request the honor of your presence”, if the wedding is taking place in a setting that does not have a religious overtone then the invitation should read “we request the pleasure of your company.”If the bride and groom are placing any stipulations the invitation is the vehicle to use in stating them, it could be that the couple prefer not to have any children in attendance, if this is the case it should be stated on the invitation.

Everyone who is invited actually will look forward to buying the young couple a gift, but as it so happens, many gifts are duplicates. Consider starting a bridal registry will eliminate this duplication of gifts and the associated embarrassment. As the items that the bride has listed are purchased by various guests, they are struck from the list by the store. It is not considered as etiquette to broadcast this fact, it is suggested that the fact you have a registry be passed by word of mouth, the bridal party can be given this responsibility.

Wedding receptions in Cincinnati OH should be held in rather close proximity to the location where the wedding took place. By having it close, it saves the guests from unneeded travel and it helps to eliminate large gaps in time between events which is something to be avoided as the guests are left to themselves for an uncomfortably long time.

Village Pantry Catering is a preferred vendor for many wedding receptions in Cincinnati OH. With many places working in tandem with Village Pantry it is often a simple matter to find a venue close to the wedding location.

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