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What Is The Right Cloud Service For My Business?

As cloud computing continues to expand, options for businesses to consider are always increasing. For most businesses that do not have specific protocols or regulations, including HIPAA and financial and banking sector regulations with online data, the three cloud options are the public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Public Cloud

The term “Public Cloud Services” only relates to the actual sharing of the service. A public cloud is shared by various organizations. Each business can scale and add services from the provider independent of what other businesses using the public cloud choose to add.

There are some limitations as to the customization of configuration, security, and infrastructure by the individual tenants, but this is typically not a problem for most small businesses. The cloud is also maintained by the provider, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

Private Cloud

The private cloud only has one tenant, which is your business. It is dedicated and secure, and you have exclusive control over the security and some aspects of the infrastructure. These private clouds can be designed to be fully compliant and customizable to the needs of a business.
A private cloud is more costly than a public cloud, with the offset being the ability to incorporate the security you need.

Hybrid Clouds

A hybrid cloud has a public and a private side. This adds the advantages of both options, providing the agility and ease of use of the public cloud with the added security for data stored on the private side.

The choice of a hybrid cloud can increase the costs and complexity of the cloud. However, for companies with a need for both aspects, this is the ideal solution.

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