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What Is the Family Assessment Provided by Adoption Services in Tucson, AZ?

If you have decided you would like to adopt, whether a newborn baby or an older child, there is a specific process to follow. The first step for everyone is to find a qualified agency that provides adoption services in Tucson AZ. The agency will follow strict protocols, including performing a family assessment to determine your family’s ability to take in a child and provide quality care.

A Non-Stressful Process

People who have not gone through the adoption process hear the words home study or family assessment and immediately start to feel anguish. This is an unfortunate stigma this process has received because it is not really a stressful process; it is simply a way for licensed professionals to ensure the children they represent get the quality care they were previously not able to obtain. The social worker simply wants the best for everyone involved.

Topics Covered

You can expect a large portion of your life to be discussed during the family assessment adoption services in Tucson, AZ, provide. Aside from the basic information of all your family members, the services will perform a background check, including fingerprinting, checking your employment records and determining your level of health from physical and mental examinations by a doctor. In addition, there are several interviews with the social worker where you will discuss your motivation to adopt, your previous experience with children and your discipline techniques.


In addition to the interviews and basic home evaluation, you will be required to undergo training sessions. The training is meant to help you determine if you are right for the foster care or adoption process and to educate you on the differences in parenting these children, even if you already have children. The courses are informative, and their goal is to best prepare you for the road ahead.

When you are ready to adopt, you do have a process that must be followed with a licensed agency for adoption services in Tucson, AZ. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not a stressful process. It is a thorough process that was put in place to protect the children and the families who are thinking about expanding their love to adopted or foster care children in the future. The process is simple yet thorough to provide quality care for children who need tender, loving care.

For more information about adoption services in Tucson, AZ, visit A Place to Call Home online or call 1-480-456-0549.

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