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What is it that a roofing contractor does?

A Roofing Contractor Park City is responsible for installing roofs on new construction, replacing roofs and repairing them, he works on residential and commercial property. Roofing contractors are usually self-employed but at times the contractor and his team of roofers can be hired en-mass to install the roofs on new homes being mass produced in a suburban subdivision.

Many builders will branch out into roofing construction due to their intimate knowledge of total home construction; other people migrate to the business from carpentry. When an individual decides to become a roofing contractor he must first procure a license to operate from the municipality. In some areas the applicant must show that he has the skills needed by showing proof that he has worked alongside mater roofers for some time.

A great deal of the work that a Roofing Contractor Park City does is for home owners. Their homes may have been damaged by a storm, fire or other event that causes the roof to leak. When the contractor is called in to assess the repair he will make a survey first, determining the full extent of the damage. Once he knows the damage he can prepare an estimate of the materials and labor costs to make the repair. In most cases, all roof contractors have the same cost of materials and it is the labor costs that can be manipulated to win business. Most savvy homeowners know this and they get competing prices from several roofing companies before deciding which one to give the job to.

Older homes may have reached the point where the roof is in such a poor state that the only solution is to tear it off and replace it. Not all roofing contractors deal in all types of roofs, installing slate for example is a special skill known by few whereas installing metal or asphalt shingles is a common skill.

More and more people are beginning to see their roof as a potential source of power and they are installing solar panels. In certain parts of the country the government offers the homeowners incentives in the way of tax rebates if they install solar panels on the roofs of their homes.

Wesley Green Roofing is a roofing contractor in Park City that repairs and replaces all types of roofs, rain gutters and ice dams. They have been providing service to the community for 65 years and they still give the same level of customer service that they always have.

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