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What Is Involved In Commercial HVAC In Charleston, SC?

In Charleston, SC, business owners must maintain all heating and cooling systems installed in their properties. The mismanagement of the systems could present health risks for workers or cause dangerous events. A local contractor performs services for Commercial HVAC in Charleston, SC to lower common risks and keep workers and business owners safer.

Inspecting and Cleaning the Ventilation System

The HVAC contractors begin their services by inspecting and cleaning the ventilation systems. The debris inside the ventilation system could lead to respiratory conditions and occupational diseases. After the ventilation system is cleaned, it is easier for the contractors to determine if there is any existing damage.

Testing and Inspecting Heating and Cooling Systems

The heating and air conditioning systems are tested to determine if they are operating at peak performance levels. If the systems aren’t running properly, the contractor must diagnose the issue and remedy it quickly. The components are tested fully, and the contractor determines if any major components are failing.

Remediation for Health Risks

The heating and cooling systems could present specific health risks for property owners and their workers. For example, furnaces could develop gas leaks that increase the risk of fires and explosions. Air conditioning and heating systems that operate primarily on electricity are evaluated in industrial environments for arc flash risks. All potential OSHA violations are reviewed and mitigated quickly to prevent risks to the workers.

Providing Refrigerant for Air Conditioning Systems

A licensed HVAC professional must add or remove refrigerant from air conditioning systems. It is illegal for any property owner to handle refrigerant unless they have the right certification. The refrigerant presents a serious risk to workers and to the environment. If it is mismanaged, it presents a serious risk that could be life-threatening.

In Charleston, SC, business owners hire contractors to manage their heating and cooling systems properly. The contractors identify common conditions and remove dangerous debris from the ventilation systems. The systems are tested regularly, and risks for certain occupational diseases are reduced significantly. Contractors also manage refrigerant levels safely to keep the property cooler. Property owners who need help with Commercial HVAC in Charleston, SC can contact Carolina Comfort Specialists right now.

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