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What Is DNA Analysis?

More people are becoming interested in learning about their DNA and what it means for their lives. One of the most popular options is to order a DNA analysis where you’ll get valuable information to help you trace your ancestry and learn about your body and how it works. Each person is unique, and analyzing DNA opens new doors to help individuals unlock the keys to their past.

What Is DNA Analysis?

In short, DNA analysis breaks down the genetic sequence to uncover secrets that can lead to a better quality of life, not just a link to your ancestors. When you seek a DNA analysis, the laboratory will sequence your DNA to illustrate what makes you different from every other person on the planet. This information is easy to compare to other genetic sequences to discover links and find people you may be related to.

A History of DNA Analysis

Using DNA analysis became more common for criminal investigations. Instead of relying on fingerprints that can be avoided, detectives gather other evidence from the scene, including strands of hair, blood, or anything else that may have been left behind. Because everyone’s DNA is unique, if they can find a match, there’s no doubt they have found the criminal. However, over the years, DNA analysis has expanded in use. People can now submit their DNA for research to find their ancestors, learn about potential medical conditions, and more.

Various Types of DNA Analysis

You will find there are many types of DNA analysis. Each laboratory uses different tactics to extract DNA and build the analysis. Some of the most common methods used include restriction fragment length polymorphism, short tandem repeat analysis, single nucleotide polymorphism analysis, Y DNA analysis, and mitochondrial DNA analysis.

There are many uses for DNA analysis. If you’re interested in exploring your DNA further, visit the Genomelink.io website to learn more.

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