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What is an endless swimming pool?

An endless swimming pool can be described as a treadmill for swimmers. Michael Phelps swim spas are small pools that are designed to allow a person to exercise in water when he has limited space available. The endless pool provides a steady stream of water delivered under pressure; the swimmer adjusts the current to his or her liking and then swims against the current. These pools are used by competitive swimmers as well as those who are recovering from an injury and hydrotherapy has been suggested as part of their therapy program.

Although the pools are small, the adjustable pressure allows the swimmer to set the degree of difficulty, making the pool suitable for people with differing abilities. Michael Phelps swim spas are delivered in kit form and can be set up in a small area.

Although the sizes vary a bit from one manufacturer to another, the standard size of an endless swimming pool is 15 feet long and 39 inches deep. The pools can be custom made to provide the swimmer a deeper or longer pool but as most lap pools are also 39 inches deep, most swimmers find them comfortable. As the endless swimming pools are quite small, they can be installed indoors as well as out, there is no need for the amount of space needed by a conventional pool, in ground or above. Once the swimmer enters the endless pool, he or she sets the resistance level to create a current which can accommodate a gentle swim or a strenuous workout.

When Michael Phelps swim spas are installed indoors they are fitted with a special filter to reduce the odor associated with a pool. The pool cover fits very snug so that when the pool is not in use the humidity levels will not have a detrimental effect on the pool room. As the pool comes in kit form, it can easily fit through existing doorways so it does not have to be installed while the house is being built, it can just as easily be installed in an existing home.

An endless swimming pool has a self contained filtration and water warming system; it can be drained and filled with nothing more than a hose.

Your source for Michael Phelps swim spas in Long Island is Suntek Pools & Spas. With the swim spa you can jog in place against the current, use the paddleboard, rowing kit or resistance bands for a thorough workout.


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