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What is an audiologist?

An audiologist is a professional who can assess, diagnose, test and aid people who have hearing difficulties. Audiologists in Bremerton WA have been educated and trained in these skills, an audiologist entering this field of endeavor must hold a doctorate in audiology as their minimum education. Once hearing problems have been identified, the audiologist helps their patients cope with this or they recommend certain medical procedures that can address the problem.

Statistically there are over 28 million people in the United States who suffer one form of hearing impairment or another. It is commonly thought that hearing loss was something that only affected older people, not so. There are plenty of youngsters and teens who also suffer to a degree. When an individual realizes that their hearing is failing, a trip to an audiologist early enough can frequently allow people to get on with a productive life. It is when hearing defects are not reported or diagnosed that the issue can become acute. If they are not caught early enough, when they are still minor, they can lead to issues that have a serious impact on ones performance at school or in the workplace. It is not just reduced performance; impaired hearing can also lead to a loss of self-esteem and at times can be misdiagnosed as some sort of learning disorder or even mental impairment.

Audiologists in Bremerton WA are trained to deal with hearing impaired people of all ages. In many cases the audiologist will work in schools, providing screening to determine if problems exist. They may focus their professional attention on those found to have impaired hearing and offer the parents suggestions on what to do next.

In many cases the diagnosis may result in the child being fitted with a hearing aid or perhaps surgery to correct a defect found during the examination. Early recognition of the problem is very important as hearing is necessary for the acquisition of speech and language. Without having the ability to hear the word spoken correctly, the child will have great difficulty in learning how to speak properly. When the audiologist realizes the problem early enough, proper intervention can be provided. The parents, the school and special education teachers can all be made aware of the problem so the child has the best chance to succeed.

Audiologists in Bremerton WA need to be consulted when a hearing problem is suspected or identified. Audiologists Northwest professionals are dedicated to enhancing your ability to communicate effectively. To learn more visit Help2Hear.com.

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