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What Is a Water Descaling System?

Not every household gets fresh and clean water. Many houses get hard water, which is richer in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and dolomite. Hard water forms several feet under the ground. As the water travels through large deposits of calcium, magnesium or other minerals, the mineral content in the water increases drastically. Hence, when the hard water travels through your faucets and pipelines, it leaves behind lime scale deposits. With the passage of time, these lime scale deposits continue to harden. This can severely reduce the amount of water that flows through your taps. In some cases, it can even jam the whole pipeline.

Furthermore, you will be able to notice the lime scale deposits on your faucets or drains. The sieve of the drain will become discolored. You will need to either replace the sieve or use a water conditioner in order to reduce the hardness level. While it does not cause any damage to your health, hard water can certainly damage water handling equipment such as boilers and cooling towers. Needless to say, it can also damage your plumbing. Within a couple of years, you will need to get the pipes replaced. One of the best solutions available to you is to opt for a water descaling system.

How Does It Work?

The conventional water descaling system is a small, electronic unit. It must be connected to the incoming water pipeline of any house or building. The system creates an oscillating electrical field with the help of a complex modular frequency waveform. When water passes through this electrical field, the molecules of calcium and other minerals tend to lose their physical shape, charge and size. As a result, they no longer possess their adhesive properties are lost.

This prevents lime scale from forming in the water pipelines and also reduces the level of saturation in the water supply. Thus, any new lime scale deposition is prevented. Moreover, as the soft water continues to travel through the pipelines and faucets, it cleans up the previous deposits as well. Rather than using detergents (which destroy the texture of fresh water), using a water descaling system is a much better idea.

Why Use it?

Most people have a lot of trouble with water softeners. Not only is maintenance very costly, but these softeners aren’t eco-friendly either. Lots of water is wasted, and the softener may also discharge chlorine in the water stream. Rather than go through all this hassle, you should consider purchasing a proper water conditioning system. It is much more cost-effective and is very easy to maintain as well. Moreover, these systems do not harm the environment in any way either.

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