What is a dumpster and what is it used for?

by | Jul 4, 2013 | Environment

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A Long Island dumpster, often called a front loading container, is a large metal container that is purpose manufactured to hold waste materials until such time as they can be collection for disposal in a landfill or a recycling facility. In large cities, dumpsters are in every alley, they are necessary to handle the huge volume of waste generated in a densely populated area. Dumpsters are often rented by restaurants, large commercial office buildings, apartments, public markets or any other facility where a large volume of waste is generated. Dumpsters generally are owned by and maintained by waste management companies, rarely are they the domain of the municipality which focuses on domestic collection.

The first dumpsters appeared in the 1930s when it became apparent that it was becoming necessary to have standardized waste and garbage containers that could be collected by specialized vehicles. The concept of dumpsters has spread throughout the world, they may be called something different or they may be a different shape, but they still perform the original function. Dumpsters are much more efficient than collecting manually from garbage bins of all different sizes and shapes.

The Long Island dumpster can be used for all sorts of waste products. It can be parked out of sight in an apartment complex; the residents can take their individual garbage bags or bins and dump them or empty them into the common dumpster. The contents of the dumpster are collected on a regular basis. The contents of the dumpster is emptied directly into a compactor collection truck and replaced for continuous use and collection. There are other types of dumpsters that are loaded on the back of flat bed truck and taken directly to the landfill for disposal. These larger units are often found around construction sites for all the debris that is collected for disposal.

It is not necessary to contract a Long Island dumpster for an extended period of time, one can be ordered for a one-off accession such as a yard cleanup or if it’s necessary to haul off furnishings that were damaged beyond repair in a flood or fire. Frequently the community will hire a dumpster for a day and everyone can have a good house cleaning and share the cost of the dumpster.

Long Island dumpsters are available in sizes ranging from five cubic yards to 30; call 1-866-We-Junk-It for same day service.

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