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What is a corporate charter jet?

Corporate charter services provide a private jet which is hired to go from one point to another at a specific time. This is quite the opposite of a commercial aircraft that may go from and to the same point but they go to their schedule, not the schedule of the passenger. Many people associate a chartered private jet with entertainers, sports starts and high-powered business moguls but that is not all. Many charter aircraft are being used by tour companies who charter the entire aircraft and then attempt to fill it with tourists who wish to go to the destination, usually somewhat less expensive than a commercial flight.

At the end of World War II there was an overabundance of aircraft available. Many of these surplus planes were purchased by entrepreneurs who wished to start their own corporate charter services in competition with the services offered by commercial carriers. The owners of these fledgling charter companies targeted businessmen, well to do adventure travelers and entertainers. It was at this time the tour companies became interested in charter flights.

In the mid 1960s small jets were being produced by companies such as Lear. These small jets meant that true corporate charter services could be made available as an economical option to high powered executives. The corporate jet became a popular addition to many large corporations who purchased their own aircraft, but smaller corporations were not left out. As a matter of fact, the companies who chartered aircraft rather than purchased one as an asset were favored by stock holders in many instances. Chartering a private jet allowed the corporate executive the freedom to fly privately, but allowed the expense to be kept off the balance sheet. Many corporate charter services were started to take advantage of this.

Since the tragedy of 9-11, commercial air travel has become difficult. The flights are crowded as companies shrink their fleets and airports have become a nightmare. Those travelers who can afford it are now looking to chartered jets as the logical alternative. As more and more companies have sprung up to take advantage of these and other issues; of course competition springs up alongside them. It is no longer difficult to arrange bestcorporate charter services; a few minutes on the internet will provide the potential passenger with many companies that will take you where you want to go, when you want to go.

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