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What Homeowners Should Know About Boiler Maintenance in Spanish Fork, UT

The average boiler has a lifespan of 15 years. Yet, many homeowners find their boilers failing them sooner than the 15-year mark. The good news is that homeowners who stay on top of boiler maintenance in Spanish Fork UT, have fewer problems and enjoy many years of uninterrupted operation.

Become Familiar with the Boiler

Not everyone’s familiar with how boilers operate. Homeowners who’ve purchased a home with a boiler system should familiarize themselves with the system. Read the manual for maintenance tips and troubleshooting information should the system stop working.

Check the Boiler Pressure

Boilers must maintain steady pressure. When the boiler’s pressure drops, the water inside the unit won’t heat. Conversely, when the pressure’s too high the heating system might fail completely. Worried homeowners should contact a licensed plumber who specializes in boilers to diagnose and fix pressure problems.

Bleeding the Radiator

Sometimes air gets trapped inside the heating system. To release the air and restore sufficient heating, bleeding the radiator is necessary. Signs of this problem include gurgling noises and cold spots on the radiator. Radiator bleeding did once a year is the best way to prevent this from happening.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Keeping the boiler system in its best shape requires precise maintenance. Scheduling annual boiler maintenance is the key to improving the system’s longevity. Professional maintenance includes checking parts, making minor repairs, and keeping the heating system in the best condition.

Ready to schedule boiler maintenance in Spanish Fork UT today? Contact Professional Plumbing Systems online today.

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