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What happens when a hard drive fails?

The consequences of a hard drive failure can be disastrous, all files, regardless of whether they are important and critical or not are lost, or are they? Fortunately technology is such that it is possible that data recovery in Knoxville can make the best out and otherwise dire situation. The best tips for data recovery are those associated with evaluation of the situation, seeking the assistance of professionals in the data recovery field or DIY data recovery. If the problem is not mechanical, data can sometimes be recovered by using specialist software.

If a person is all of a sudden faced with a hard drive failure, the most immediate issue is to attempt to determine what went wrong. When the hard drive can still be heard spinning, chances are it is not a mechanical fault, more likely a problem with a virus attack or perhaps accidental reformatting of the disk. If you cannot hear the hard drive spinning, then it’s fair to assume that the problem is mechanical in nature.

If the user believes that his files have been lost as a result of faulty software, a virus, a deleted directory or a formatting error, it may still be possible that data recovery Knoxville area can be successful. There are a number of data recovery programs that can be accessed from the internet, but it would be wise to check the reputation of the company and the software before you either download a trial or purchase it. There are cases when data recovery software that is available to the public will not work and if this is the case, the solution is to seek the assistance of a professional.

If the failure seems to be mechanical and the drive no longer spins one of the tricks of the trade is to remove the drive, place it in a zippered bag and put it in the freezer. After an hour, remove the drive and immediately put it in the computer and attempt to turn it on. It may indeed run but often it will only run for a few minutes and in that time, the data must be recovered.

For most people, the best approach is to take the drive to a professional that has the diagnostic tools to determine the problem and fix it.

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