What Happens During AC Maintenance in Lehigh Acres, Florida?

by | Sep 26, 2023 | plumber

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When a homeowner signs up for air conditioning maintenance, they may be curious about the entire process. The process is designed to ensure that the home’s air conditioning unit is running at peak efficiency with no issues.

Lubrication of All Moving Parts

During the maintenance appointment, the HVAC technician will lubricate all the moving parts of the unit. This will help to ensure that the unit is able to run smoothly. If parts are not lubricated well, they may rub up against each other, causing premature failure.

Checks Pressure and Temp

The HVAC technician will then install their gauges to check for pressures and temperature. This information will be recorded. Refrigerant levels will also be checked at this time. If they are low, refrigerant will be added.

Checking the Air Filter

The technician will inspect the air filter to ensure that it is clean. If there is an issue with the air filter, it will be replaced or cleaned. If the air filter is not properly sized, the technician will instruct the homeowner on the proper size for their unit.

Cleaning the Unit

If the unit is not clean during the AC maintenance Lehigh Acres, FL visit, the technician will clean both the indoor and outdoor unit. In some cases, the inside coil will need to be cleaned as well. This will help the unit function better. The technician will also clean the thermostat as well.

Looking for Issues

During the AC maintenance Lehigh Acres, FL appointment, the technician will look at parts like the relays to ensure there is no rust, or issues with the unit. If the technician finds any issues, they will let the homeowner know and fix the issue.

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