What Happens at a Muslim Wedding?

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Weddings

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Like all religions, Islam has certain practices for weddings. If you are a non-Muslim attending a Muslim wedding, it can be difficult to know what to expect. In the end, you’ll find that a Muslim wedding is not much different than any other wedding. However, there are a few cultural practices that you’ll want to keep in mind. Read on to find out what to expect once you receive an invitation to a Muslim wedding.

Be Prepared for the Mosque

Muslim weddings are likely to be held in a mosque. This is a place of worship just like you’d find in any other religion. As such, you need to dress and act accordingly. Be sure to dress modestly when attending this type of wedding. Extravagant dresses and bright colors are not the best options. Instead, opt for conservative clothing that fully covers your body. Both men and women should also wear long sleeve shirts. Furthermore, women should bring along a scarf to use as a head covering.

When you enter a mosque, there is one rule to remember. All attendees are required to take off their shoes in certain parts of the building. There will be a shelf or rack for people to leave their shoes. This is done to keep the mosque clean and pure. Muslim wedding invitations may not explain this, but it is something you should expect. Thus, make sure you’ll be wearing socks that you aren’t ashamed of.

Shorter Than You Think

When you think of weddings, you likely think of long, drawn-out events. This is not the case with Muslim weddings. They are actually short and right to the point. These ceremonies are referred to in Islam as a Nikah. All in all, you can expect to attend for an hour or so. Although this is not a lot of time, three important events happen during the ceremony. Be sure to pay attention to capture everything that is going on. In the end, you’ll be glad you were one of the recipients of Muslim wedding invitations.

Make the best of your opportunity to attend a Muslim wedding. Not many people get to witness one. As long as you pay attention to the religion’s customs and practices, you’ll have no trouble fitting in. Muslim wedding invitations are something to be excited about. Start preparing the minute you receive one! Contact Regal Cards for more information!

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